ACMI will be an acknowledged leader in career and character development through the delivery of knowledge-centered and career-relevant tertiary education in a supportive environment.


  • Accessible - 'in the learning we provide for our students, being pro-active in promoting the value of high quality educational programmes that meet industry needs and standards, and a dedication to be inclusive and fair in how we provide our training services.'
  • Supportive - 'of our learners and staff, in order to add value and share understanding; we work better and more effectively together, whether this is with students, staff, the general travel and tourism industries or other stakeholders.'
  • Innovative - 'in our delivery and management of academic provision and professional services, and in our relationships with collaborative and regulatory partners. This enables our culture, structure, policies and people to drive excellence and respond to students' needs effectively and efficiently.'
  • Ambitious - 'in what we seek to deliver for our students, staff and industry partners, recognising that there are no limits to learning and knowledge. This results in an innovative, enterprising and flexible approach, so that students will graduate as entry-level professionals, ready to achieve their career goals.'
  • Commitment - 'valuing diversity among our students and staff, respecting diverse points of view as part of our commitment to make a positive impact in the wider industries that ACMI is an integral part of. Motivating and inspiring our students to achieve academic success, and career success, either in NZ or internationally.'