Public Transport Services


ACMI advises and encourages students to use public transport to reduce reliance on private motor vehicles. You can visit for detailed information about all Auckland public transport including bus, train, ferry services and fares. You can also plan your journey on the website. You can fill in the address of your desired destination and time of travel. The website will automatically generate a range of public transport travel options, locate bus stops and train stations and also generate a map of the journey together with the cost and estimated travel time.

The Auckland train and bus routes are divided into stages and the fares are calculated accordingly; the more stages the higher the fare. It is convenient and cheaper to travel on all Auckland’s public transport with a pre-paid ‘AT HOP’ smart card. A tertiary student concession (discount) is available for longer-term students when purchasing an AT HOP card. You can visit for more information. Check the government website for latest fares .

ACMI’s campus is ideally located for access to public transport which will help you commute from all suburbs.