There is a wide range of accommodation available for students in New Zealand. Below are some options:


We strongly recommend that international students stay in a New Zealand homestay initially. Starting your stay in New Zealand in a homestay gives you the chance to get used to being in a new country and also to meet other students you might want to share accommodation with later. It will be a secure and welcoming environment and the ‘kiwi way of life’ will provide you with an opportunity to understand the culture and customs of the country and improve your English language skills.

ACMI can assist in finding a homestay. You will stay with a caring New Zealand family and you will be living with them in their own home. You will be given your own room (with a bed and a desk). Homestay accommodation will costs around NZ$ 280 per week and includes two meals per day.

If you wish, you can be met at the airport and taken directly to your homestay accommodation. All homestay families are checked for suitability by either ACMI or registered homestay companies, and all agree to abide by the conditions of the Education (Pastoral Care of International Students) Code of Practice 2016 published by the New Zealand Ministry of Education.

Should you have any problems regarding your homestay, please inform the staff of ACMI immediately. Your welfare is our top priority.


If you haven’t arranged permanent accommodation before your arrival in New Zealand, you may choose to stay at a Backpackers Hostel while you look for somewhere to live. There are numerous hostels in Auckland, many of which are in a central city location. However, these are probably not the best option for a long term stay as they are usually more expensive than homestay accommodation or flatting with other people and there is usually little privacy for study. The average price for a hostel in New Zealand is NZ$20-30 for a dorm room per night.

Renting or sharing an apartment or house

Long-term students can also opt for renting or sharing an apartment or house. Most of the landlords (owners of apartment or houses) usually expect at least six weeks rent in advance out of which part is kept as security (called a bond) in case a tenant is unable to pay their rent or causes damage to the property. This bond money is repaid to the tenant when the rental agreement expires if there is no damage and the rent has been paid on time.

Apartments and houses in Auckland are often not furnished so you must provide your own furniture but they do have cooking facilities. Check if the apartment or house is furnished prior to signing up.

You can find an apartment or house to rent either by looking online – check Real Estate websites or, or contact a Real Estate Agent. They usually charge a fee of one week’s rent. Rents vary depending on the quality, facilities, location and number of bedrooms. Expect to pay at a minimum NZ$ 350 a week for a one-room apartment in Central Auckland.

The cost of rooms in shared flats and houses vary depending on how many people are sharing. You will normally be expected to pay rent in advance plus a bond. The rent does not usually include utilities – electricity, telephone, internet, which will have to be paid as per your share of these expenses additional to the rent every month. You will usually be responsible for providing your own food.