Travel and Tourism Operating Environments

Provides an overview of important considerations in a range of local, national, and international tourism operating environments and help make informed decisions regarding strategic business direction for a range of tourism businesses.

Leadership Styles in Travel and Tourism Management

Focus on the importance of effective leadership and management in a range of tourism businesses and examine leadership techniques and models to develop effective management systems and processes for tourism businesses.

Approaches to Visitor Satisfaction

Examine the relationship between management systems and the visitor experience in a tourism business and apply effective management in a tourism business to enrich the quality of customer service and sustain a positive relationship with visitors (or other users of services).

Strategic Marketing                             

Have an approach to national and international marketing examples in the tourism sector to examine the use of marketing in a range of operational contexts, develop skills in evaluation and analysis along with the effective presentation of information to an audience – a key skill in marketing.

Environmental Sustainability in the Tourism Sector

Examine the relationship between environmental sustainability and the tourism sector, develop strategies for incorporating environmentally sustainable practices into a range of tourism business models and operating environments. The scope of environmental analysis will be both national and international, with regard to the globalised nature of the tourism sector.

Strategic Investment

Develop knowledge of investment strategies for use in a range of tourism business models and contexts and apply strategic investment research skills to develop an investment plan for a tourism venture.

Managing Public Relations                   

Introduction to public relations management, examines techniques for communicating with the public effectively, including marketing campaigns and multi-media communications, evaluate the relationship between implementing environmentally sustainable tourism business practices and maintaining positive public relations.

Creating a Travel or Tourism Enterprise              

It is a project-based module and focuses on key factors in developing a new tourism business or enterprise, consider the impact of various leadership styles, strategic systems, and processes in creating a commercially viable business model that also delivers a quality visitor experience and will focus on the importance of planning for a successful tourism enterprise.