The New Zealand Government announced on 11th May 2020 that it is safe to move to COVID-19 Alert Level 2 from 14th May 2020. ACMI will resume classes on campus from 18th May 2020. Health and Safety measures under COVID-19 Alert Level 2 will be in place for all students, staffs and visitors on campus. ACMI welcomes all students and staffs back on campus from 18th May 2020. These are the Health and safety measures to be followed on campusunder COVID-19 Alert Level 2 restrictions:

If you are sick, do not come on campus. Please stay home and call or email to let us know, or for any assistance required.

Modules Descriptions (New Zealand Diploma in tourism & Travel (Level 5):

Communication Essentials in Tourism and Travel

Introduces fundamental communication skills in a variety of tourism and travel industry environments, and students get to apply their skills and gain feedback through a variety of communication-based assessments.

Fundamental Workplace Management

Help to understand and apply effective workplace practices in the tourism industry, learn about fundamental compliance and self-management skills, and use case studies to reflect on the different requirements of a range of tourism operating environments.

Auckland’s Tourism Industry

It is an in-depth survey of local tourism environments, covering a range of important factors and considerations in the tourism industry for Auckland.

Tourism in New Zealand

It is an in-depth survey of the New Zealand tourism environment, covering a range of important factors and considerations in the New Zealand tourism industry.

International Tourism Environments

It is an in-depth survey of a range of international tourism environments, covering important global factors and considerations in tourism industries around the world.

Developing Successful Business Systems

Develop an understanding of business systems and processes in the tourism sector in a range of operating environments, analyse and critique a range of business models and apply their knowledge through project-based assessment.

Sustainable Tourism and Local Communities

Examine the relationship between tourism industries and local communities in a range of industry operating environments, develop their knowledge of the interrelationship between the local community and tourism, and understand the positive and negative impact of tourism on local communities and environments.

Developing an Industry Enterprise

Apply knowledge of tourism business systems and processes in a project that serves as the culmination of their learning in the programme. Helps to plan, summarise, market, and evaluate the quality of a chosen simulated industry project, using a range of learned skills to demonstrate knowledge of developing tourism models.